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Auto Accidents

The use of automobiles in a client’s business poses a unique legal situation which varies from state to state, requiring competent legal counsel to sift through the differences in each jurisdiction. For example, if a client’s employee is involved in an automobile accident while making a delivery, state law – and, in fact, individual insurance companys policies – widely vary as to which insurance policy is primary and which is secondary. The interpretation of these competing insurance policies, as well as the governing case law on the subject matter, can be very complicated, especially when trying to decipher subtle nuances in the law as between each individual state. However, due to the nationwide role that LMC provides, LMC is able to provide expertise to the client in each and every jurisdiction where this situation might arise for the client. Furthermore, LMC has an outstanding success rate in recovering monies from the third party insurance carrier to eliminate or defray expenses that might otherwise be attributable to the client. Where appropriate, LMC negotiates payments from these third party insurance carriers for the client’s own future legal fees, resulting from the underlying accident.

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