Practice Areas

Alternative Dispute Resolution

The legal team at LMC has extensive background in early case assessment to quickly identify whether ADR is a feasible and worthwhile avenue to explore and, in those cases where ADR is the ideal approach to a particular dispute,

LMC’s attorneys are equipped with extensive experience in arbitration – both binding and non-binding, mediation, dispute resolution boards...

Appellate Law

The team of attorneys at LMC is experienced in handling appellate court matters for our clients, including appeals on behalf of both appellants and respondents, as well as post-trial motions and writs, in a variety of litigation areas. 

Auto Accidents

The use of automobiles in a client’s business poses a unique legal situation which varies from state to state, requiring competent legal counsel to sift through the differences in each jurisdiction. For example, if a client’s employee is involved in an automobile accident while making a delivery, state law – and, in fact, individual insurance companys policies – widely vary as to which insurance policy is primary and which is secondary. The interpretation of these competing insurance policies, as well as the governing case law on the subject matter, can be very complicated, especially when trying to decipher subtle nuances in the law as between each individual state.

Employment Law

This wealth of experience allows LMC to counsel its clients on a number of employment related matters, including hiring and firing of personnel.

Environmental – Toxic Tort

LMC has aided in the development of defense strategies in individual toxic torts such as mold infestation on behalf of major clients, including the coordination and development of the company story, product testing, discovery responses, preparing company witnesses for deposition and trial testimony, identifying and preparing experts regarding various issues including "state-of-the-art" and medical defenses, demonstrative exhibits for trial presentation, jury focus group research, and mock trial presentations to evaluate trial strategies in cases with significant exposure.

Food Borne Illness

Unfortunately, clients in the food service industry occasionally encounter food borne illness. When this occurs, a variety of problems surface, including serious health concerns for the client’s patrons, the potential for adverse media exposure, and financial repercussions for the client due to a loss of business because of the public’s concern regarding the food borne illness.

Franchise and Distribution

Many of LMC’s clients have franchise locations throughout the country and often, legal matters will arise from the operation of these franchise locations, causing the client to become embroiled in a lawsuit for which it bears no responsibility. In those situations, LMC tenders the claim to the franchisee and/or other third party bearing responsibility for the incident on behalf of the client.

General Business Litigation

Individual businesses all experience legal situations which are specific to that particular business or industry. The background of the members of the LMC team is diverse so as to provide insight into a wide array of subject matters that impact the client’s business. Further, by virtue ofLMC’s nationwide scope of practice, LMC is able to tap other outlets of information and knowledge through its local counsel across the entire country, thereby ensuring that the client receives the highest caliber of legal advice, regardless of the situation that a given business is experiencing.

Investigation and Compliance

LMC also plays a vital role for clients in matters involving regulatory, governmental and other enforcement actions; criminal complaints; grand jury subpoenas; accounting and securities practices; allegations of employee fraud or misconduct; and regulatory professional licensure.

Product Liability

LMC has extensive experience in all facets of product liability litigation across a wide range of industries. This experience goes beyond the defense of individual lawsuits and includes other related aspects of the litigation such as pre-suit emergency response and crisis management; early resolution of claims; coordination with related litigation; coordination with regulatory and/or legislative investigations; coordination of nationwide discovery, including electronic discovery; media relations; supervision of local counsel; retention of expert witnesses; factual investigation; settlement negotiations; and trials and appeals.

Slip/Trip and Falls

If you own a business, it is a certainty that at some time, a patron is going to slip/trip and fall on the property, thereby giving rise to a claim of premises liability. LMC has extensive experience in this area and understands the differences in state law across the country so as to reap the most favorable result on behalf of the client. For example, in some jurisdictions, the placement of a “Wet Floor” sign is not sufficient if the sign is not deemed to be close enough to the area of the fall.

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