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Value Added

  • A team of attorneys with extensive trial experience who manage cases with both practicality and an in-depth understanding of their clients' goals;
  • A nationwide network of local counsel who have proven their abilities through years of efficient handling of cases for LMC with excellent results;
  • Maintenance of a state of the art electronic database of all pleadings, medical records, correspondence, emails and other documents in all cases that provides our clients with peace of mind through immediate 24/7 – 365 access to the status of all lawsuits and claims through a web based system;
  • Pre-lawsuit investigation of claims involving major injuries and other potential substantial repercussions that ensures protection of the attorney-client privilege and the availability of key witnesses when needed in the future;
  • Identification and analysis of the ever expanding stable of tactics used by the well organized plaintiffs' bar and development of strategies to best combat them;
  • Ensuring that positions taken in lawsuits throughout the Country are consistent so as to avoid not only embarrassment but potential sanctions;
  • Evaluation of trends in lawsuits from a risk management perspective to identify potential improvements in safety practices that will result in fewer lawsuits and claims in the future;
  • Direct mock trials in cases with major exposure in order to assess the potential risks and benefits of taking such cases to trial.

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Litigation Management Counsel's aggressive cost saving strategies saved YUM over $2 million in Legal Fees. This savings enabled KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell to enjoy higher profit margins and thereby improved results for YUM investors!

Don Becker, Counsel
YUM! Brands Inc.