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A 2011 study commissioned by The Council on Litigation Management and performed by the Revere Advisory Group confirms the efficacy of investment in litigation management resources, including litigation management attorneys. The Study surveyed 47 organizations including retail, financial and insurance companies. On average, the participants reported a 175% annualized return on monies invested in litigation management, and 52% of the participants planned on expanding their litigation management staffing over the next year. Learn More

A 2012 article in the ABA Journal discussed the numerous benefits realized by Tyco International, Ltd. after it retained one firm to manage its litigation on a nationwide basis for a fixed fee. These benefits included cost reduction and predictability through partnership with the litigation management firm, and this is exactly what Litigation Management Counsel provides its clients. Learn More

In studies conducted by Professor William Ross of Samford University Law School, an expert on attorney billing practices, 2/3 of the lawyers surveyed stated that they had knowledge of unethical bill padding by attorneys, and a majority of those surveyed stated that they believed that the traditional hourly billing paradigm encouraged attorneys to perform legal work that was not necessary. Learn More

A 2012 article in the Washington Post discusses the growing use of alternative billing arrangements to encourage efficient legal work and align interests. This is what Litigation Management Counsel offers its clients. Learn More

As reported in a 2012 article in the Triangle Business Journal, fixed fee billing arrangements are becoming more and more common in the legal industry. In a 2011 study, 62% of the companies surveyed reported engaging in fixed fee arrangements for some portion of the work performed by their outside legal firms, and that percentage was up from the 48% that reported fixed fee arrangements in 2009. Learn More

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Litigation Management Counsel's aggressive cost saving strategies saved YUM over $2 million in Legal Fees. This savings enabled KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell to enjoy higher profit margins and thereby improved results for YUM investors!

Don Becker, Counsel
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