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Cost Reduction

  • Use of an innovative billing system that provides strong incentives for LMC to handle cases in an efficient manner and reduce costs;
  • Use of the same local counsel for all of our clients which provides substantial leverage to ensure that they handle cases in an efficient manner;
  • Early strategic assessment of the merits of claims and defenses in order to expeditiously resolve cases of clear liability and focus the discovery process on the key issues and avoid wasted time and expense on discovery that is of marginal relevance;
  • Efficient drafting of all pleadings and motions through maintenance and use of our extensive database of prior filings and legal research;
  • Streamlining of the preparation of discovery responses and document production;
  • Avoidance of needless discovery disputes and motion practice that delay the progress of litigation and increase costs;
  • Timely tender of claims to insurers for other parties with primary insurance coverage and/or an obligation to indemnify, including insurers for contractors, suppliers, and delivery drivers;
  • Persistent follow-up to ensure that tender is accepted, and aggressive action to recoup attorneys' fees when it is not.

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Litigation Management Counsel's aggressive cost saving strategies saved YUM over $2 million in Legal Fees. This savings enabled KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell to enjoy higher profit margins and thereby improved results for YUM investors!

Don Becker, Counsel
YUM! Brands Inc.