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LMC acts as National Litigation Counsel for companies with lawsuits throughout the country. Our staff of attorneys and paralegals has extensive experience and knowledge of the issues involved in, and has developed a system of strategic best practices to defend against, all types of premises liability, food borne illness, motor vehicle accident, and other lawsuits brought against our clients on a repetitive basis. Utilizing this vast experience and knowledge, we coordinate and direct a network of local counsel, medical expert, motor vehicle accident reconstructionists, human factors experts, engineers, architects, private investigators and jury consultants throughout the country in order to provide expert, thorough and efficient legal representation to our clients that not only substantially reduces costs, but adds value on many levels.

Cost Reduction

Use of an innovative billing system that provides strong incentives for LMC to handle cases in an efficient manner and reduce costs, use of the same local counsel for all of our clients which provides substantial leverage to ensure that they handle cases in an efficient manner...

Value Added

A team of attorneys with extensive trial experience who manage cases with both practicality and an in-depth understanding of their clients' goals, a nationwide network of local counsel who have proven their abilities through years of efficient handling of cases for LMC with excellent results...

Additional Services

As part of our role as National Litigation Counsel we also provide many other services to our clients including the following: Direction of the investigation and defense of multi-state food borne illness outbreaks involving hundreds of lawsuits and claimants...

Developments in Litigation Management

A 2011 study commissioned by The Council on Litigation Management and performed by the Revere Advisory Group confirms the efficacy of investment in litigation management resources, including litigation management attorneys.

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Aligning our interests with those of our clients is key. We must deliver cost efficient service while achieving excellent results on a continuing basis.

Bruce Tucker, Managing Partner